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Fave Places to Eat and Drink

I have given up on Lymington a bit for eating out.  There are goodish places but nowhere that is exactly excellent.  The Fisherman’s Rest is a pleasant foody pub, but remember it is still a pub.  Near Lymington are: the … Continue reading

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Cute Harley seen in Lymington

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Jane’s Cambodia pics

My friend Jane Worthington has just returned from Cambodia.  A few of her pics.  They are fairly self explanatory. Copyright Jane Worthington

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My Russian camera

For fun I recently purchased an old SLR camera from my local  pub.   It was a Zenit.  I had heard of the make, at art college it was the cheapskates’ SLR.  Posher students having Prakticas and Pentaxes.  My friend … Continue reading

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Are camels trucks of the desert?

Are camels the trucks of the desert.  These camels are enjoying the comfort of a ride in a Nissan truck in the Egyptian desert not far from Sharm el Sheikh.   Picture copyright by Byron Richards

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A Truck’s very near miss

Look at the picture above and you can see where this driver Broke through the guardrail, on the right side of the culvert, Where the people are standing on the road, pointing. The pick-up was traveling about 75 mph from … Continue reading

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Get back Smoking in pubs – to a degree

The Nederlands Government decided November last year the smoking ban  will no longer apply in small bars that have no staff.  Small means less than 70 sq.m. (about (750 sq.ft.) The reason is that these small but popular bars (bruin … Continue reading

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Adios a la ristorante Punto Blanco, Barranco

I visited Lima three times in the last couple of years.  I had two favourite restaurants, Punto Blanco on the Circuito de Playas, Barranco and Bodega de la Trattoria by the Huaca Pucllana on Avenida General Borgono. Punto Blanco was … Continue reading

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Whether to Wetherspoon – snobbish Lymington

Is Lymington too posh for a Wetherspoon’s?   Try Googling this to get the answers. The southern coastal town of Lymington in Hampshire has caused a bit of a flurry of publicity over the last year or so by seeming … Continue reading

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Ikon – This Could Happen to You

  A blurred photo of an Ian Emes animation Peter Sedgley’s Corona – This Could Happen to You, Ikon Gallery     I was involved in this show last year – a few pics.          

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Combis de la Muerte

Combis de la Muerte – Combis of death.  The combi is the ubiquitous form of public transport in Lima Peru.  These are small van type buses operated by self employed drivers,  small companies and sometimes larger operations although the larger … Continue reading

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Cute cars


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Beach Tractors Jersey

Because Jersey has such great tides the distance on the beach between low tide and high tide can be quite great.  The local fishermen use tractors to haul their boats across the beach.  These are often lovely old beasts lovingly … Continue reading

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Lima – not a thing of beauty

Lonely Planet says that on its surface Lima is no thing of beauty.  Correct.  When I first arrived at Jorge Chavez International it rained.  My travelling companion said it never rained in Lima – hardly ever anyway.  This was rain.  … Continue reading

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Trashed autos, Lima, fire hydrants –

Testing – testing – let’s hope it works.  If it does work it will be about quirky photographs, local eccentricities and anything else that I come across.  Hopefully a more focussed approach will evolve.  At the moment I am … Continue reading

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Abandoned Truck, English Harbour

About four years ago I sailed from Antigua back to Jersey on my nephew’s Swan.  Whilst in English Harbour waiting to leave I found this poignantly forlorn truck.  I am a bit keen on battered trucks, old beach tractors and … Continue reading

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Sweet Lady, Ancon, Lima

I am showing photos to start this blog.  This was a trip to Ancon, Lima.  The sweet lady was in a kiosk on the promenade near the Yacht Club.  We got to the promenade courtesy of an old lady cycling … Continue reading

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Blue Underground

A picture of a pretty Underground stairway We had lunch at Google in Victoria and were on our way to the Tate Modern.  Jane thought these were very pretty tiles. It took ages to try and get a pic without … Continue reading

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