The Westmark potato peeler

My first Westmark potato peeler

My first Westmark potato peeler

This is a photo of my first Westmark potato peeler. I purchased it in about 1969 at Rackhams in Birmingham, incidentally, at the same time, I also bought a Jotul cast iron frying pan and a bright orange Cuisine Queen plastic body with stainless steel mesh, both of which are still going well.

Another Westmark peeler

Another Westmark peeler

Sorry this is  out of focus.  Another Westmark peeler, given to the crew of Piamanzi, which I purchased in Kassel in about 1997 with two other similar peelers (as stocking present gifts).

Why rabbit on about potato peelers.  Well this potato peeler, like other German ones, is superior to the standard British spud skinner in so far as it has a specially designed curved  blade more likely to approximate to the contours of a potato, carrot, parsnip whatever; thereby grabbing a greater slice of the action on each movement.  It is a proper blade mounted on an aluminium carrier which swivels in the handle, the British equivalent tends to be just stamped out of a demi-cylinder of stainless, dragging the skin off more than slicing it off.  The British equivalent sometimes doubles as an apple corer.

I am afraid German technology wins on potato peelers in my book.

Oh, I nearly forgot, you can got to this website to see more.



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  3. Norman says:

    My mother was given one of these like the one below by a German friend back in the late ’50s or early ’60s. The potato peeler is still going strong. What a wonderful but simple bit of engineering.

    You are absolutely spot on in your comments about it being better than any British potato peeler. It’s so good it’s almost a pleasure to peel potatoes with it.

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