Changing the colour of links in iWeb

I did think that you couldn’t easily change the colours of links in iWeb.  It’s not true it’s very easy.  Mac don’t seem to tell you this in help.  All you do is go to links inspector and it says Hyperlink – Format.  Having created your hyperlink go to Format – click on your link – it will show white rectangles filled with grey.  Go to the colour palette, choose web safe colours preferably – click on the normal box and then click on your selected colour, do this again with different colour for rollover and visited.  You can apply the selection to all links on your page if you click on Use for New Links on Page.   I think MacMurphy makes it all  a bit difficult.  No, to be fair to MacMurphy he is talking about the iWeb generated navigation menu which I am now beginning to turn off because of the lack of control.  I reckon it is just as easy to manually make navigation menus.  Researching the menu topic I came across Suzanne on who is very good at educating you deep into iWeb.

I am now just worried that having put the Papyrus typeface into that it it will look bad on Windows PCs, I think it gets replaced with a Lucida font.  If any body with windows can tell me how awful it looks I would be grateful.

Inspector and Palette

And after

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