Another kind of lomography

People coming to this blog might be questioning my abilities to take a decent photograph. I do myself sometimes. Just before Christmas I saw a guy in Waitrose, Lymington’s car park taking photographs of a strangely beautiful dusk sky. I thought ‘I wish I had a camera’ then remembered that of course I did on my phone so I went ahead and took some snaps. I couldn’t believe how they were coming out not remotely like what I was seeing but very weird and in a grotesque way, rather beautiful. I hadn’t a clue what I had done wrong.

Weird Dusk

What can go wrong with photography

When I got home and in good light I checked the phone’s camera and found that I had chosen solarisation by accident. Here is another spooky picture.

Spooky House

A weird dusk - solarised photography

This photograph seasonally shows the mistletoe in the trees.


Mistletoe in solarised dusk

The next photo shows how odd sodium lighting can look.

Mistletoe and sodium light

Sodium light

Having discovered this attribute of the HTC I took a couple of photographs of my patio garden – one of which is doubly tricked up by re-photographing it on the computer display to double the amount of solarisation.

Patio Garden

Patio Garden Solarised

Patio Garden double exposure

Patio Garden double solarised

For on short time I became a bit hooked on this peculiar photography. Here are a few more.



Mystery photo

Mystery photo

Oh I have just remembered taking the last picture. It was of two pizzas at the Conservative Club in Lymington. Somebody went berserk and bought 17 pizzas for some celebratory reason.

Back to the HTC Wildfire S. Well as a phone it is a bit quirky, I found that scrolling through the phone book/ contact list gave unexpected results, like it would certainly start dialling somebody you had just gone past. So slightly sadly I have let it go and contracted myself to an iPhone 4, a much better phone but the camera is not so quirky (I think).

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Richard Stokes. Childhood spent in Milford-on-Sea. Now lives in Bridport (recent move). Educated in Art Schools - Winchester, Birmingham and Portsmouth. Worked as art administrator: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Midland Group, Nottingham; West Midlands Arts, Birmingham; Gateshead Garden Festival; Arts Council; Minories Art Gallery, Colchester; West Midland Arts. Also involved with the former Limpets Restaurant. Keen sailor.
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