Apple™ confusion – Leopard to Snow Leopard to Lion

My brother recently acquired an iPhone, I had the lowlier HTC Wildfire S (interesting camera though) so I was a little envious. I told him I was a bit green and he said he was a bit disappointed. It was only after he had committed himself to his iPhone, taken it out of its box etc. that he discovered it wouldn’t work with his Mac mini because his software was too aged, I think he had either Panther or Tiger versions of OSX. I asked him why he couldn’t upgrade – he said he was just sure he couldn’t. Well, I have a Mac mini running Leopard and have just contracted myself to an iPhone (jealousy). The two seemed to work relatively seamlessly, syncing contacts at least, that was until I discovered iCloud (through the iPhone) only to find that it wasn’t really meant to work with Leopard, it wanted Lion.

I thought upgrading would be easy (I haven’t come to the end of this yet) so I went to Apple Store online. This is where my confusion started – in order to get to Lion you have to go via installing Snow Leopard. Easy I thought. No not so easy I find. You can get Snow Leopard on Apple Store on line – this means purchasing discs, I thought I would be able to buy Lion at the same time in the same transaction. Wrong; you have go to Apple Store to buy Snow Leopard online as discs, wait for them to arrive, and install. Then in theory you get Mac Apps and download Lion online.

Sunday 4th March

Snow Leopard arrived yesterday so it only really took 3 days to arrive. I am currently downloading further software to upgrade it further, another two hours it says but at least I can work this time. Looking at the net people are saying it can take up to 4 hours to download on a not-so-good connection. Mine is1.45mbps which I am told is not so clever and might mean a download is going to take forever or possibly fail. I am not going to risk a failure so have ordered Lion on a stick, more expensive but safer. Ordered it today so will see how long it takes to get here. I will have to without the wonders of iCloud for a few more days.

I now read that Lion does not support my Iomega MiniMax NAS (or vice versa) so Time Machine doesn’t recognise or find the backup HDD.

This series is not over yet.

I will keep you in touch in due course.

I hope all this messing around proves worth it.

Will get back soon

Footnote – my brother thinks his processor would have been a problem anyway – not being an Intel Duo Core 2.

Mac Mini set up

Mac Mini set up

N.B The DVD/CD Read/Writer is a Buffalo as the slot on the Mac Mini is defunct. I got the logo with the iPhone.

Monday 12th March

I received Lion OSX 10.7 last Thursday and started to install it on Friday morning. I panicked slightly about my photos not getting backed up so joined Livedrive (which by the way – so far – seems excellent). Lion took an hour to install and then there were updates which took a further two hours. All pretty seamless except for some extraordinary reason I had decided to back up all pictures onto the desktop – backup panic I guess. I really can’t remember the logic for doing this, it was a crazy thing to do as it nearly bought the Mac to a grinding halt. I ended up having to learn Terminal to batch delete files with similar names, as moving stuff to trash was not easy.

Every thing is now fine although I still haven’t worked out the ultimate usefulness of iCloud. Oh and by the way Time Machine seems to be acknowledging the Iomega MiniMax (it is backing up as I write) so perhaps the money spent on Livedrive was a waste, however it is another string to my bow for photograph preservation.

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