Tuna – a tapenade take

I have always been quite fond of tinned tuna but my repertoire didn’t go much beyond a basic salade Niçoise wonderful as it is. Recently I have been doing a lot of snacking. I thought I would dream up a kind of tuna sandwich filling.

I did Google things a bit and it seemed that the most frequent recommendation was to use tuna canned in brine or spring water, not oil. I personally wasn’t really going to worry about which type I used, it would necessarily be whatever was in the cupboard. Of course, I ensured that it was well drained so as not to dilute any of the other ingredients.

To be perfectly honest I was messing around but confident that whatever was made would be tasty. I started with the tuna and mayonnaise pounding the tuna in a pestle and mortar then stirring in mayonnaise. On this occasion, I used Hellmans™ mayonnaise with a little added olive oil to make it more like homemade. The result was a perfectly acceptable tuna mayonnaise, fine for any sandwich. I was beginning to think tapenade, no I wasn’t going to make a tapenade just go a bit towards that kind of flavour. It was to be capers and kalamata olives. I started with the smallest tin of tuna and reckoned on a dessertspoonful of each crushed (I used a garlic press but the back of a knife would have done).

That is all, a tasty addition to tuna mayonnaise with a Provençale twist.

Well not quite all as I found the above spread dip perfect to make a tuna melt. The first time I have made a tuna melt. The result was delicious. These combos will remain in mind for easy brunch or light supper dishes.

About Richard Stokes

Richard Stokes. Childhood spent in Milford-on-Sea. Now lives in Bridport (recent move). Educated in Art Schools - Winchester, Birmingham and Portsmouth. Worked as art administrator: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Midland Group, Nottingham; West Midlands Arts, Birmingham; Gateshead Garden Festival; Arts Council; Minories Art Gallery, Colchester; West Midland Arts. Also involved with the former Limpets Restaurant. Keen sailor.
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